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I highly recommend working with Rosemary. I could not have been more satisfied with the overall quality of service – every aspect of the home buying process was expertly handled. I especially appreciated Rosemary’s ability to move quickly by leveraging an impressively effective network of local partners. I have been involved in a number of personal and commercial real estate deals and can say, without a doubt, that Roesmary is the best real estate professional I’ve ever worked with!
— Michael M.
I am not sure I can truly express how thankful I am to have had Rosemary as my realtor through both the condo selling and home buying process. Rosemary and her team of wonder women are not only competent but also very friendly and easy to work with which made the process far less stressful than it could have been. Quick response times, setting realistic expectations for the process, navigating the market on my behalf, the feeling that I was their only client even though I knew that was far from the truth, team members’ calm demeanor, white glove service, and establishing rapport and building trust from the moment I met them, are all reasons that I whole heartedly recommend Rosemary and her team to anyone looking to buy and/or sell a home.
— Heather and Karl
As a single, first-time home buyer, I didn’t know the first thing about any part of the condo-buying process — not even what I was looking at when I was looking at apartments.

Rosemary acted not only as an agent, but also as a teacher, walking me through walkthroughs and explaining how to look at what we were seeing. Her “eyes wide open” policy, as well as her professional transparency, made me feel secure every step of the way.

And when it came time to negotiate, Rosemary put together a deal that helped me secure my dream home. I absolutely could not have done it without her, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Helena R.
I could not imagine working with any other realtor to help us find our home. Rosemary is professional, prompt, extremely knowledgeable and balances a very fine sense of pragmatism and optimism. There is no unrealistic, Pollyanna attitude. Rather, she capably guided us through stressful and emotionally-charged circumstances with grace and know-how. We never once felt pushed to make a decision that didn’t feel right for us and she helped us gather all the information we needed to make well-informed and wise choices along the way. The whole experience ended with us buying a home we LOVE that had all the features we need and desire. We are so lucky to have worked with Rosemary and her team.
— Kate and Morgan
Rosemary helped us find and buy our first house, and we have nothing but praise for the work she does. From our first meeting, she listened patiently as we carved out our must-haves and can’t-dos, all of which changed slightly as we viewed more houses. She not only worked as a real estate agent, she also donned an investigator’s hat, at times peeking into crawl spaces and circling exteriors looking for any problematic features that could be pointed out to inspectors later. She never pressured us to buy and, in fact, she reminded us that somewhere out there was the perfect home that fit our criteria. She was very aware of market trends and communicated them clearly; her perspective on the housing market was a big help. We are extremely happy with Rosemary as our real estate agent and would recommend her to anyone.
— Suzie and Nick
Rosemary is, hands-down, the best. She is patient, kind, funny and really knows her stuff. For every question we had—and there were many—she quickly knew the answers, and she ended up expertly guiding us through both selling and buying during an out of the ordinary time for the Seattle housing market. Her negotiation skills netted us a new house that went for only slightly over-asking, and a sweet, sweet deal on the house we sold. Part real estate agent extraordinaire and part therapist/client anxiety manager, Rosemary never pressured us and had our best interests at heart throughout the entire crazy real estate process. If you’re looking to buy or sell, look no further than Rosemary.
— Jess and Mike
Working with Rosemary through two purchases and one sale has been an absolute pleasure. Not only is she your agent, she is your guide, psychologist, cheerleader, voice of reason, shoulder if needed and ultimately your friend. Rosemary prepares a strategy for her clients based on market knowledge and your wants and needs. She negotiates with you in mind and is level headed in those negotiations. She is kind and courteous but is not afraid to go to bat for you when needed. We will always be grateful for the services and friendship she has provided over the
— David and Rachel
Selling a house is a stressful time and Rosemary made it as seamless as possible while helping us increase the value our house. Rosemary helped us sell our home in a tricky Seattle market. She helped us in many ways, including pricing our house so as to get as many interested parties as possible. Her knowledge of the market and negotiating strategies were exactly what we needed. I highly recommend her!
— Jaime and Leyna
We could not be more satisfied with the home buying experience that Rosemary guided us through. As first time home buyers in a hot Seattle market, we weren’t sure where to start. Rosemary and team had a wealth of market wisdom and were incredibly knowledgeable about our target neighborhood. With unfettered hustle from the get go and quick responses throughout, we were able to get into contract within 48 hours of starting our search. Trust in Rosemary’s negotiation strategy let us take calculated risk and get the most out of our contingencies and we found ourselves unpacking boxes in our dream home a month later. More than anything else, Rosemary effectively managed our expectations and was our fierce advocate throughout the process. We’d very highly recommend working with Rosemary and team for anyone looking to find a home in this area.
— Mike and Taylor
As first time home buyers, my wife and I found Rosemary to be the ideal partner. We had actually been working with another agent we were growing dissatisfied with, when we were referred to Rosemary by a co-worker. Immediately smitten by her warm-hearted nature and effortless professionalism, she was an amazing asset to have when looking at homes. Rosemary would immediately point out details, opportunities and limitations of each home we visited. This was extremely helpful and educational for us.

When the time came to make an offer until our closing date- Rosemary was strategic, confident and cool-headed. With the craziness of the Seattle market right now, we were so relieved to have Rosemary make sure we were well prepared and supported.

After we closed, Rosemary gave us great referrals for painters, contractors, waste removal, locksmiths etc. She really goes above and beyond. We truly regard Rosemary as a friend and as a partner – and look forward to connecting her with our own friends and family that are entering the market. She’s the best!
— Alex and Jess
Rosemary is a fantastic realtor and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a place in Seattle. What I really noticed was her experience: other realtors knew her or had worked with her in the past. When you’re in a competitive market, it helps when you can trust your agent who has weathered the ups/downs in the Seattle and surrounding WA area.

My search took a long time partly due to such a hot market and that I was a first time home buyer. Rosemary was patient and helped guide me throughout the entire process. She connected me with an fantastic mortgage broker as well. I really feel grateful and very lucky that I landed such a great team. Highly recommend!!!!
— Anne D.
Rosemary was a joy to work with. She did a great job of marketing my condo in Fremont. From online presence, to networking with other agents, to creating beautiful brochures, and finally staging.

She also did a wonderful job of listening to my questions and concerns, and offering honest feedback.

Finally she is great at negotiating and communicating, and making a normally stressful process enjoyable. She will always be my agent moving forward!
— Scott F.
Although we were not first time buyers, that we bought our first home and only home many years ago, were from Boston where real estate law, the various architecture, and even the definition of neighborhood are different, we were certainly pretty inexperienced in looking for an appropriate home here in the Pacific Northwest. Rosemary was more than patient with us, though she never showed patience so much as understanding.

When we showed her listings that appealed to us she immediately gave her ideas about them based on what she quickly learned was our preference and fitted our needs, even though we ourselves were unclear given the newness of the possibilities.

As for the other, and also very important, aspects of a real estate agent, Rosemary is smart, knows her profession, is super responsible and communicative, and very comfortable to work with. The move here from the East has worked out very well for us, and surely a major part of that has been the acquisition of a home that is perfect for us, and facilitated marvelously by Rosemary.
— Virginia and Francis
If you are looking to buy or sell within the Seattle housing market, you cannot go wrong with Rosemary Pham. Rosemary is absolutely the ideal person to have on your team when you are selling your home. From the first day my husband and I met Rosemary, she was dedicated to helping us in every way possible: getting accurate market comps, identifying areas of improvement for our property and preparing it for the market (repairs, staging, etc.), selecting a starting sale price, orchestrating open houses, and choosing from multiple offers. She balances the professional and the personal aspects of real estate perfectly, which is imperative when you’re dealing with something as important as your home. Her efforts vastly reduced the stress of the home selling process. Rosemary’s knowledge of the local market was also incomparable to other agents, and it paid off. Her hard work and real estate prowess enabled us to get 30% over asking pricing. She showed us what a real estate professional should be and we look forward to working with her again in the future!
— Elizabeth and Bryan
In the last 10 years I have bought 4 houses with Rosemary and have recommended her to numerous friends. Every one of my friends loved working with her. I always knew she was amazing to work with but had no idea how amazing she was until I accompanied my friend with her agent as they went to look for houses. I was shocked by how negligent her agent was. I knew if Rosemary was there she would have pointed out that the “wood” floors were laminate, that 2 of the window seals were broken, the process of bidding on the house, how much earnest money would be required in order to have a serious competitive offer, whether to get a pre-inspection and whether to waive financing.

When I bought my 2nd to last place, I didn’t love it but was in a hurry to move. Rosemary pointed out all of the remodeling I could do, approximate costs and said that the condo was a great investment. I trusted her and she was right. Two and a half years later I sold the condo for almost $200,000 over the original sale price. Rosemary’s vast knowledge made buying a house in this market easy. We were outbid on a couple of houses but finally settled with an amazing townhouse in Ballard for $11,000 under asking. I’m pretty sure the reason I move every 2.5 years is so I I have a reason to hang out with Rosemary again.
— Kelly C.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Rosemary! Rosemary has been my agent for the past several years and we have successfully purchased two homes together. She was incredible to work with as a young and green home-buyer- she explained the ins and outs of the entire home-buying process and her knowledge of the market, where it was heading, and how to buy strategically made me feel extremely confident and prepared to become a homeowner. Years later, I was ready to purchase again and was excited to work with Rosemary once again. Not only is she fun and a joy to be around, but was able to adapt to the new market and once again get me a great deal when I didn’t think it was possible due to the competitive nature of the Seattle market. Thank you, Rosemary!
— Laila Z.
Rosemary Pham is an ultra-skilled realtor who is professional, knowledgeable, reliable and … best of all, a pleasure to work with. Her years of experience shine through in the positive and pragmatic way she conducts herself with buyers, sellers, realtors, inspectors … and in every type of situation throughout the purchase cycle. When buying my house, Rosemary guided me through several offer attempts in the crazy Seattle market, keeping her cool even when, at one point, the situation became very stressful. She was able to “turn the ship” on a dime and stay the course so that I was once again ready when the right opportunity finally presented itself. Rosemary was a great “coach” throughout the negotiation process and ultimately helped me snag what was perfect for me. When it was time to sell, she very successfully marketed the property and got me top dollar. I would recommend her in a heart-beat.
— Angela D.
Rosemary is a gem. She led us through all aspects of the home buying process with expertise. She was committed to helping us find the right dwelling in a complex and unpredictable market. Her insight about every part of the process was top notch! Her patience, flexibility, prompt communication, and logistical knowledge are supreme assets! It was a joy to work with her. I highly recommend her to any Seattle home buyer!
— Meera and Scott
Rosemary helped sell my condo and she did a tremendous job. Rosemary is very knowledgable about the local Real Estate market and she did a great job providing information about what the asking price of my condo should have been. She provided very useful information about the different levels of profit I would receive depending on the sale price of the condo. The condo was staged beautifully and Rosemary had professional photographs taken that were amazing. Some buyers had concerns about the electrical wiring in my condo so Rosemary had a professional electrician inspect my condo which eased the buyers’ concern. I highly recommend Rosemary and I will use her in all of my future real estate dealings
— Mike Littlefield
Rosemary did an amazing job helping us buy our house in Seattle! When we were moving back to Seattle from Chicago, we knew we wanted to buy in South Seattle. Rosemary’s expertise on the area and the fast-paced Seattle market was invaluable while searching for homes from half way across the country. Once we got to Seattle to look at houses in person, Rosemary not only drove us around, but helped us find places that had popped up on the market just that day. Once we found a place we loved, she went above and beyond helping us through the negotiating (her estimation of the home’s appraisal value was spot on), the closing, and everything in between. We were, amazingly, able to purchase the first house we put an offer in on. Without a doubt, we would have been lost without Rosemary’s expertise. This is Chris’s second experience working with her, and we can’t imagine working with someone else when the next opportunity arises.
— Jordana and Chris
I honestly cannot imagine having a better experience with a real estate agent than my wife and I had working with Rosemary Pham. She was utterly professional, prompt, and thorough. Because of Rosemary’s experience and trustworthy manner we felt taken care of and listened to throughout the process, from the moment we started looking until the first night we moved into our new house. We both feel extremely grateful to have worked with Rosemary, and highly recommend her to anyone searching for a home.
— John and Jonna
Rosemary came highly recommended by a good friend and we very quickly found out why. She is THE reason we got the house we wanted. She helped find the right location for us, the right kind of house for us, benefits/problems to look for, the right kind of lender, how to write the best offer while keeping your actual risk to a minimum, and never let email and text take the place of face and voice time during negotiation - her instincts, expertise and intuition were truly astounding. She was focused on helping us fight to the top of a competitive market, and we know for a fact that it worked. The way Rosemary puts it is that when you buy or sell a house, you assemble the best team possible (client, realtor, lender, inspector, etc.). We’re so lucky and thankful that Rosemary helped lead our team.
— Cliff and Julie
Rosemary was great to work with. She provided a plan on our first meeting, a list of comparables, and a market analysis . She communicated each week with updates so I knew how things were progressing. She always returned phone calls in a timely manner. I was well informed and was able to discuss options in order to maximize my net proceeds . She and her assistant Violet were very organized, supportive, patient and worked very hard, even though I had to asked them to change (a few times) our strategy on my 1031 Exchange. She gave me time to think things through while I did my own research. She did a great job selling my property. She definitely earned my trust and I would highly recommend her to others.
— Valerie
Rosemary has an uncommon ability to make things happen well, under pressure and with calm and an exacting attention to all the details. We ended up in an unusual financing situation with a tight timeline to make a competitive offer. Rosemary left no stone unturned as she navigated all the pieces and people in a professional and graceful manner. She was transparent, communicative and collaborative, helping us to make informed decisions at every step of the way. Her support didn’t end when the papers were signed: She and her team have helped us find contractors and other services through her deep network. We just love her and can’t imagine working with anyone else!
— Diana and Brett
When we started the process of buying a home, we interviewed several agents. Rosemary stood out from the rest as the most knowledgeable, strategic, and customer-focused among them. She quickly understood what we were looking for and educated us on where and how we would find the right house. Rosemary promised that she wouldn’t let us waste our time, money, and energy making multiple offers; sure enough, we made only one offer, winning out over 10 competing bids. We credit that to Rosemary’s keen navigation of the process and her willingness and ability to go the extra mile with the other agents.
— Zach and Katie
Being a first time homebuyer can be exciting but also very daunting. Rosemary was patient in guiding us through every step of the process and helped us see properties through a professional’s perspective (negatives and positives). With her insight of the current market, she knew that communication between the buyers and sellers would be a key factor in building a competitive offer. Our experience with a previous agent definitely lacked this essential component. We were able to create a solid offer and beat out nearly a dozen other parties. During escrow her team was efficient, thorough and answered our numerous questions promptly. Throughout the entire process, we always knew Rosemary only had our best interests at heart. We never felt pressured to compromise on our wish list for our forever home. Rosemary and her team are definitely who you need in your corner in this crazy housing market.
— Alex and Rae
We are incredibly lucky to have had Rosemary as our realtor, particularly in this very competitive market. She knows the area so well and her strong relationships with key players - realtors, mortgage brokers, escrow agents, etc. - played a vital role in landing our house. She provided invaluable and accurate advice and insights, including what it would take to get each house and how to adjust offers to be most attractive to individual sellers. We wouldn’t have wanted anyone else pitching or negotiating our offers, and she was always honest, direct, and very available and responsive. We highly recommend Rosemary to anyone looking for a home in the area.
— Maureen and Jeff
I tend to be a do-it-myselfer with most things, but we decided to work with an agent to buy our Seattle home—I could not be happier that we worked with Rosemary.

First, Rosemary has assembled an incredible team—that makes the difference when you need to make decisions quickly. She took care of arranging sewer scopes, inspections, and she helped us consider what type of lender could make us competitive in this market. Every person she connected us with was as professional and helpful as she is. Her Assistant, Violet, is also incredible and great to work with.

Second, Rosemary listened to us. She took the time to understand what we were looking for, and she helped us stay true to that—while also providing realistic feedback. Buying a house is stressful, but it was less stressful because we could trust that Rosemary was genuinely interested in helping us find the right home. She has the technical skill to do her job well, and she complements her technical expertise with patience and compassion.

Rosemary is also responsive beyond what would be reasonable to expect. She answers questions quickly and completely. She made showings happen without a hitch.

Last, Rosemary knows what she is doing. Her sense of a home’s eventual selling price was uncanny—even when we didn’t want to believe it. Rosemary also brought a sense of strategy that we lacked on our own—she helped us understand how to craft all the facets of an offer to be competitive. She knows the market, knows the process, and helped us bring that all together.

All in all, Rosemary was great to work with. She guided us to homes that we liked, encouraged us to walk away from homes that were not what we were looking for, and she made a difficult process so much better by listening to us, taking care of the details, but also keeping an eye on the big picture.
— Leo and Caedmon
Rosemary guided me and my husband through the entire process of buying our first home. The geographic area that we were interested in was relatively large and we were deeply impressed by Rosemary’s vast knowledge of each of the individual neighborhoods. Throughout the process she responded to our queries. within minutes, and worked tirelessly to help us put together competitive offers on tight deadlines. She listened carefully to our needs and desires, and helped us find a home that both included all the features on our wishlist and was well within our modest budget. Rosemary went above and beyond our expectations in every way; we really could not imagine a better experience with buying a home than Rosemary created for us
— Amelia and Eric
Rosemary’s market knowledge and strategy helped us choose the right starting price for our home. She negotiated with buyers expertly so that ultimately we got a fair price. Her customer service was exemplary. She made a process which seems very daunting so easy by organizing cleaners and repairs to get the home ready for market and walking us through everything step by step. When I’m ready to buy or sell a home again I will use Rosemary as my agent
— Roxanna and Ed
When my wife and I decided it was time for us to purchase our first house we turned to Rosemary Pham. Due to our careers and family (and personal tastes) had very specific needs for the house in terms of size, age, price and location. At every turn Rosemary understood what kind of homes to show us, and was more than receptive to any homes we found on our own that was outside of our search criteria that we wanted to look at. When we found the right house she brilliantly negotiated the terms with our total confidence and explained each step very clearly to us. What could have been a scary and stressful process was handled with ease, confidence and a sense of joy. We couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks!
— Corey and Jill
Working with Rosemary was just great. We were first time home buyers, and she was a perfect fit for us. She walked us through the whole process thoroughly, and watched out for us every step of the way, from preparing a solid offer, to ensuring thorough inspections, to requesting concessions from the seller. She and her assistant Violet were prompt and responsive via email, text, and phone, and they were quick to answer or investigate any questions we had.

We really enjoyed house hunting with Rosemary. She steered us away from potential problem properties, gave us frank opinions when prompted, and kept up a good sense of humor the whole time. She also seems to have contacts for professionals in every area of home ownership, like inspectors, cleaners, and maintenance people, and we had good experiences with everyone she recommended.

In the end, our process was incredibly fast and smooth in a difficult market. We had a fantastic experience with Rosemary, and we hope we can work with her again someday.
— Nick and Magan
As first-time home buyers, we couldn’t have been happier with Rosemary. She made the whole process as accessible and non-intimidating as possible, and she was unfailingly patient and helpful. She quickly got a sense of what we wanted in our first house and found us an absolute gem—complete with reading nooks and a backyard for the kids! Rosemary was an excellent guide and advocate. We would highly recommend her.
— Josh and Kim
As first time home-buyers, we had no idea how the process worked or what to expect. From the beginning, Rosemary patiently coached us through everything and made sure we stayed informed and on track. She was very communicative the entire time and never minded a call from us. When we ran into timing delays with our lender, Rosemary worked diligently to keep the seller informed of progress and ultimately got us to close even though we missed the initial date due to the lender. After closing, Rosemary continued to help us with referrals and other odds and ends. All in all, we were extremely satisfied and would highly recommend Rosemary to any perspective buyers (or seller).

Rosemary helped us purchase our first home in summer 2015. She came highly recommended and we were very happy with our experience. Rosemary provided lots of information and insight into the process and was very responsive, including on nights and weekends. Her advice about how to approach the negotiations with the seller was honest and spot on in a very difficult market. We highly recommend Rosemary to anyone looking to buy/sell in the Seattle area.
— David and Emily
Rosemary was such a pleasure to work with. Super responsive, approachable, and straightforward, while at the same time very perceptive and tactful. She does her homework, provides top notch advice and recommendations, and cares about getting you the outcome you want, whether buying or selling (we’ve used her for both). Her generosity, style and enthusiasm provide a welcome respite from the stressful process of buying/selling a home. Rosemary is simply the best - having worked with a few others, we feel there’s no comparison.
— Fred and Jeni
We met Rosemary at an open house and could tell within the first few minutes that we wanted to work with her. She is smart, savvy, and extremely personable. Being new to the Seattle area and real estate market, we would not have successfully navigated it without her. Rosemary made the house-hunting process easy. Her knowledge of local areas, home quality and value, and the purchasing process are very impressive. In addition, she made going to open houses fun! We really enjoyed our time working with Rosemary. We appreciate the continued follow-up and resources she gives us, and are happy to say we now count her not only as our realtor, but as our friend. We hope to stay in our new home for quite a long time, but if we need realtor services again in the future, there is no doubt we will ask Rosemary to work together again!
— Juan and Ron
Rosemary by far exceeded our expectations. As first time home buyers, my wife and I were shaking in our boots, but Rosemary brought calm, expertise and her competitive eye of the tiger when it came to making our offers. She patiently showed us houses until we found a home that we really liked in our price range. We also really appreciated that Rosemary never made a decision for us, although we constantly asked “what do you think Rosemary?” Instead she educated us on our options and risks and then supported whatever decision we thought was best for us.

We had to compete against multiple offers, which was nerve racking enough but Rosemary used statistics and experience to give us all the information we really needed to put in a winning offer. And it worked!! We love our new home and couldn’t have done it without Rosemary. I recommend her to all my friends that are in the market to sell or buy a house.
— James and Véro
Rosemary really listened when we described what we were looking for in a home purchase. With her extensive knowledge of the area and the advantages/disadvantages of owning the type of property we were looking to purchase, she was able to target our in-home visits; reducing the time required to find the perfect place. When we were ready to place an offer, she provided us with excellent recommendations on how to word the offer to result in success. After four home purchases and associated sales, it was the best realtor experience we’ve had!
— Nancy and Gene
Rosemary Pham: Creative, Patient, Thoughtful, Resourceful and KickAss!
Rosemary was the knowledgable, patient, and always-available coach that we needed to guide us through the process of searching for a home. When we did find the perfect house, her detailed market knowledge, creativity and competitive spirit proved to be exactly what we needed to be successful in such a strong market. For us - with Rosemary’s guidance - the process of finding and buying a home was exciting, educational, smooth, straightforward and ultimately a fantastic experience. We constantly rave about her to our friends and would strongly recommend her to any potential buyers or sellers in the market.
— Rick and Edel
Rosemary is the total package. During our search, she understood what kind of home we wanted, showed us properties that fit our specifications, and was easily accessible to answer questions. Her depth of knowledge was indispensable throughout the buying and selling process too. She helped us strategize in a competitive market and navigated closing with ease and a cool head to boot. We can’t recommend Rosemary enough. Thanks to her we have a home we love.
— Marika and Ben
As first time homeowners my husband and I were apprehensive about what our budget would allow and all the steps involved in the process of buying a home. Rosemary was wonderful to work with. She is very knowledgable of the Seattle market and listened closely to our needs and wants.

Rosemary consistently worked hard to help us see our options. We always felt that Rosemary was advocating for us and were empowered to make wise decisions. In the end, we ended up with a wonderful home, due to careful inspection and negotiation, that we were able to purchase under asking price. We had great luck but also an amazing realtor. We would definitely work with Rosemary again.
— Rebekah and Mike
Rosemary was exceptional in helping us to sell our condo and buy our house in the span of less than two months. First she navigated a bidding war on the house with astonishing accuracy, predicting the final purchase price based on her keen understanding of the neighborhood’s rapidly changing market. She then made sure we submitted a competitive offer that we were comfortable with. Rosemary had an equally complete understanding of the condo market and provided us with great data to help us set a list price, as well as efficient and affordable staging. We had an offer less than two days after the condo went on the market and Rosemary negotiated it to the final sale with minimal back-and-forth. We couldn’t be happier with the process and are so grateful for her steady hand and expertise.
— Leah and Jason
Rosemary helped us find our first home. Exiting, confusing, nerve wracking, she calmly helped us through every option at every phase of the process. Great at delivering information in a way that is easy to understand, she has sage advice, is supportive of my decisions and understands my emotional experience as well. Rosemary helped us sell our first house. Omg. Couldn’t have done it with out her. Referring contractors, offering alternatives, managing the schedule. The listing she was able to create and the simple marketing she chose got the attention we needed. She helped through the multiple offers we got to choose the one in our greatest interest. Now Rosemary is helping us find our forever home. I have every confidence she is going to get us there.
— Peter and Krista
Rosemary is incredibly patient, reliable and knowledgeable in the real estate market and I am fortunate to have worked with her over the course of 8 years. In 2006, Rosemary helped me find a condo that fit my needs and lifestyle. As a first time homebuyer, she provided me with a wealth of information, and answered all my questions with a sensible and informed approach. When it came time to sell, Rosemary came up with very practical and cost-effective solutions to get my condo staged and it looked incredible! Rosemary was thoughtful in her direction to help me determine a fair, yet competitive price. The day my condo went on the market, she put the word out to her trusted network and we had an immediate response resulting in multiple offers. Rosemary led me through reasonable negotiations and we were able to sell within a few weeks! She made the whole process smooth with her great sense of humor, consistent communication, and true down-to-earth personality. I would recommend Rosemary to anyone looking to buy or sell. I am personally excited to see her positive influence in the real estate market. Thank you Rosemary!
— Carrie Z.
Rosemary Pham is an ultra-skilled realtor who is professional, knowledgeable, reliable and … best of all, a pleasure to work with. Her years of experience shine through in the positive and pragmatic way she conducts herself with buyers, sellers, realtors, inspectors … and in every type of situation throughout the purchase cycle. Rosemary guided us through several offer attempts in the crazy Seattle market, keeping her cool even when, at one point, the situation became very stressful. She was able to “turn the ship” on a dime and stay the course so that we were once again ready when the right opportunity finally presented itself. Rosemary was a great “coach” throughout the negotiation process and ultimately helped us snag what was perfect for us. I would recommend her in a heart-beat.
— Angela and Jeff
My husband and I met Rosemary in the early spring of 2013. Since that time she had helped us successfully purchase and sell two houses. She guided us through the entire process with incredible ease and grace. We find Rosemary to be a highly skilled, smart, straightforward, knowledgeable and very impressive professional realtor. We highly recommend her without any reservation.
— Marissa and Norm
Rosemary worked hard to get me the best price for my apartment in a challenging market. Her insight and help with preparing the property made a huge difference in highlighting its strengths and appeal and her market knowledge helped us arrive at the right, competitive price. Rosemary’s experience and professionalism were crucial to getting through negotiations with the buyer and completing a complicated closing.
— Mike K.
Rosemary is awesome!!! She was unfailingly patient with me and my multiple projects. I wanted to buy a house before I sold my house in Columbia City and she helped me do it. The house I sold needed paint, floor refinishing, a garden spruce-up and a host of other things. The house I found needed a new sewer that I didn’t want to fix. She negotiated a repair that the owner paid for. She coordinated cleaners, staging and moving so that I didn’t need to. She talked me through the doubts and anxieties of the whole project with kindness and grace. She made what could have been a dreadfully stressful few months pretty pleasant.

I always looked forward to spending time with her as we toured houses in the neighborhoods I was interested in.

I felt cared for, listened to and respected. And when I have my house warming, she is at the top of my guest list!

Thank you Rosemary, for everything.
— Beth C.
Rosemary Pham is by far, above and beyond the best, most thorough, caring and professional real estate agent I have ever worked with. This is not my first time going through this process and from the onset Rosemary listened to our situation, asked the right questions, and understood our expectations to help us not only decide on the best approach for us, but also to help us identify exactly what we were looking for, in the right location with the right quality to meet our budget. Doing a lot of research to assist us in our decisions as well as being there every step of the process, made it a pleasant experience, which is not something you typically refer to when buying a home. Her thought invoked questions helped lead us to the best decisions and guidance throughout that made us feel calm, safe and certain. Her strategy when putting down and managing the bid process was intuitive and effective resulting in us moving forward quickly and successfully.
Surrounded by an amazing team of people she helped us organize everything and everyone we needed in the buying process, loan approvals, as well as suggestions for post sale (movers, floors etc..). She has carefully chosen a team around of talented, reliable individuals who all pulled together to help us achieve our very short timelines. The amount of dedication and care she puts in to every element, hands down go unmatched. As you can see we are big fans and can highly recommend her. She has been our hero and we could not be happier.
— Destini and Jamie
I have now had the pleasure of working with Rosemary Pham on two occasions, and I can’t recommend her enough. Most recently she served as the listing agent for the sale of my co-op apartment, and she exceeded my expectations at every turn. To begin with, she really listens and asks great questions. I felt that she emphasized taking the time to learn exactly what my expectations were at the outset. Then she performed a thorough market analysis to gauge whether my expectations could be met in the current market, and to anchor our discussions about the listing strategy.

She always made sure I was well informed and was willing to discuss options for each key decision. I always felt supported, but never pressured. Even though I’m sure some things seemed like obvious choices to her, she always gave me time to think things through (and let me know when time was a factor). When she did make specific recommendations they always worked out great. Having someone you trust is a must in the complex world of real estate and Rosemary has earned mine completely.
— Joey S.
My husband and I had experience purchasing three previous homes before coming to Rosemary Pham, who impressed us immensely by going above and beyond anything we’d ever experienced in order to help us get the Seattle house of our dreams. Rosemary literally worked night and day to help us through our rigorous and dramatic home buying process, doing everything in her power to make sure we not only got what we wanted, but that we got it for a fair price and with terms that suited us and our needs. I’ve never met anyone so dedicated to her client’s best interests. Through every stage of the process, even when it came to the hurdles of securing a loan, she was right there, talking us through every detail, answering all our questions, checking in daily with updates, and taking on tasks that she could have easily disregarded, but knew she could tackle to our benefit. Her dedication was heartfelt, inspiring, and absolutely unparalleled. I can easily say that we have never received such extraordinary service from any other agent, and we’ve worked with quite a few. She’s, without a doubt, the most ethical, caring, transparent, and dedicated agent I’ve ever met. Even now that the deal is through, I still touch base with her for home improvement advice and, without fail, she always delivers and checks in to see how things are coming along in our new home, one that we hope to live in for years to come.
— Denise and Robin
We completely lucked out finding Rosemary and having her guide us through the process of looking for a home with such ease, grace, support and humor. Throughout the process, she was always available to answer any questions or go on a last minute home viewing, and was excellent about making sure we always fully understood each step along the way. She went above and beyond our expectations, and we always felt that our best interests were her priority; we could breathe easy knowing Rosemary was there, being amazing. We could not have asked for a better realtor, and can’t wait for everyone we know to move so we can recommend Rosemary!
— Catherine and Jeanne
As a first time home-buyer, I was nervous, scared, and had a ton of questions. Rosemary helped me tremendously throughout the process by extending herself as a great teacher and supporter. She went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable as well as advocate for me and my interests and her expertise in the field really made me feel confident. After working with Rosemary over the past few months, I can now call myself a “homeowner”! I couldn’t have done it without her.
— Laila
I’ve had the fortune to work with Rosemary first as a buyer and years later as a seller. She is professional, personable, fun to be around and always on the ball. She knows the business inside and out and expertly takes you through each nuance of the process. Rosemary is attentive and responsive in a way that you know you’re completely supported, at all hours and through times of uncertainty. Creative, intuitive and tuned into the market, she knows when and how to make things happen in a moment’s notice and when it’s best to wait a day or two. I can’t say enough amazing things about her and my experience working with her. I pass her name on to everyone I know who is buying or selling a home.
— Diana and Brett
As new residents of Seattle and without being familiar with the neighborhoods in the city, we knew that buying a home was a daunting prospect. Rosemary was wonderful during this process for my wife and I. Rosemary is very efficient, full of energy and gives her honest opinion on the properties. More importantly, she was a master at negotiating and pricing the home offers for the sellers. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an agent.
— Gus & Melanie
We were fortunate enough to work with Rosemary for both selling our apartment and buying our new house! I was skeptical about the amount of money that Rosemary thought we could get for our apartment—- but she was right on! Her skills at assessing value and helping us to increase the value of our place was incredible. She really lives by her words of not leaving any money on the table!

Buying our house was very stressful for me because our mortgage was going to increase greatly- Rosemary and I spoke on the phone often and she helped to ease my worries through calculation after calculation.
She even did an in person offer on our behalf!!

Everything with Rosemary was so smooth- she met with us at our convenience, listened to our concerns with her keen ear and helped us make huge, life changing decisions with grace and professionalism.

Thank you Rosemary!
— Laura and Chris
Rosemary has been a wonderful and astute advocate for us for many years. A few years ago, with a recommendation from a friend, I called upon Rosemary as we, like many people these days, found ourselves unable to pay our mortgage any longer. We met and knew immediately she would be the one to deal with in handling our short sale. As income was so low for us, however, we knew that if the house did sell we wouldn’t have the means to pay rent. So we had to take it off the market and ride it out. That, amazingly, lasted about 2 years! Rosemary was kind and patient and understanding when we decided to take it off the marker, even though she had invested time and energy into our situation.

We were not foreclosed on, or kicked out of our house, but we knew we were getting closer every day to foreclosure, so we decided not to push our luck any longer. We called Rosemary back and decided to re-start the process. Two years later, with probably a lot more experience due to short sales being more and more common, Rosemary surely had even more experience in the short sale process. And it showed. She seamlessly and lovingly guided us and supported us through the somewhat humbling process. Her counsel was spot on. Although she knew we still weren’t in a place to take on a huge payment, she rightly advised that if we could avoid foreclosure and get the monkey off our back we would not only end up in a better credit situation, but the psychological feeling of moving on would benefit us more than we could imagine. She was right.

We listed our house, had an offer in the first few days, and closed right on time. We feel so much better, and my credit, surprisingly, isn’t as bad as I thought it would be! Long term effect of not having a foreclosure on my credit is so valuable, and I can get back into the housing market, as a buyer, much sooner as well.

Rosemary is a true pro in her field, and my wife and I couldn’t recommend her higher. She will take care of you through the normal process, or the less than ideal process of selling or buying your home. You will not be sorry if you choose Rosemary Pham. Five Stars!
— Dan and Traci
As a first time home buyer, I was extremely cautious of the commitment and process related to purchasing a home. Rosemary was always there when I needed her for any related information. She is extremely patient and spent A LOT of time with me checking different places on the market and going throughout the process to make sure that we thoroughly checked everything out. She bared with my hesitation on purchasing a house for almost a year and kept sending me the most recent available houses on the market that exactly meet my requirements.

The result is that we landed in a perfect home at the perfect price, Rosemary also went far beyond and found out there’s some potential repair needed for the building and helped me successfully negotiated the price.

I will not hesitate to recommend Rosemary to anyone who’s purchasing a home, she’s the best!
— Yang
When my mother sold her home of more than 50 years, Rosemary did everything possible to make the transaction an easy one. Her guidance and kind patience helped make what might have been a distressing event a happy and profitable one. While Rosemary assisted Mom, she took care to keep family members informed and involved in the transaction’s process. This was greatly appreciated by all! We are very grateful for the happy outcome!
— Barb and Pete
Rosemary Pham is a skilled and thorough communicator, and wonderful real estate agent.

I worked with Rosemary on two separate transactions, one as a buyer and one as a seller. She has extensive knowledge of the local real estate market, and consistently provided me with informed and detailed answers to my one billion questions. She is also extremely responsive, and return communication came quickly.

Rosemary contributed incredible feedback and ideas during price negotiations that ended up saving me gobs of money and headaches.

And I haven’t even touched on what a pleasure she is to work with! I was nervous about the purchase of my first home, and Rosemary made it fun. She’s level headed, intelligent and super detail oriented - which is exactly who you want on your team when making such a large purchase!
— Jill W.
Working with Rosemary was great. I had spent months working with another agent and just couldn’t close, something was always a miss. Once I switched to Rosemary I gained back my confidence that I would find and close on a property. Her knowledge of how the system works and what needs to be done to benefit her client is second to none. Her availability and fast response to questions and the changing situations encountered in the real estate market put you at ease. I cannot recommend Rosemary enough as a real estate agent.
— David
Rosemary was fantastic from the moment we started working with her to the day we closed on our new condo. I was blown away by how much she knew about every aspect of real estate. She was unfailingly accessible and personable. She kept things moving, but she never once made us feel pressured. I would literally trust my own family with her: she’s going to help my mom find a place!
— Nick and Kelly
I highly recommend using Rosemary as your agent. Without her knowledge and expertise, we would not have been able to close on the house we knew was perfect for us. She helped guide us down a very tricky path of purchasing our first home,

She kept us informed, managed logistics and helping us to understand the whole process. She’s wonderfully responsive and devoted to getting the deal done.

We happened to fall in love with a house in a short-sale situation. She handled all the obstacles we had to conquer with grace and patience, and made the experience great. And on top of everything, she’s hilarious.
— Carrie and Joey
Rosemary was a joy to work with. As we were looking for a home to purchase, she was infinitely patient with us as we explored a wide range of homes and neighborhoods. Her flexibility, knowledge, and good humor made what can be a daunting process so much easier. Any potential home buyer or seller would be lucky to work with Rosemary!
— Corre and Juan
As of a couple of days ago, my husband and I are officially the owners of a new-to-us home in West Seattle. We have Rosemary Pham to thank for every inch of that home! From the initial stages of looking at various houses on the market, Rosemary showed us her humor, courtesy, attentiveness, and savvy. When we finally found a home that felt right to us, that customer service experience just continued right on.

Rosemary was amazing at checking in with us on a regular basis — both for the “how-you-feeling?” kind of questioning that is really great to have in the home-buying process — and also for the logistical, brass-tacks check-ins to keep us on track with timelines, paperwork, etc. (She has actually inspired me to provide better customer service to my clients in my line of work!)

When we ran into some sticky lending situations due to the unique nature of our home, Rosemary was our tireless advocate. Thanks to her experience, persistence, and ability to trouble-shoot, the home is now ours!

The only drawback to working with Rosemary is that final day when you get the keys and you know you won’t be hearing her cheerful voice as often. Kinda almost makes you want to buy another house....
— Anne and Jason
As first time home buyers the process of looking to buy a house is daunting on many levels. This was especially true for us in a market with low inventory and frequent bidding wars. Rosemary really listened to our needs and helped us through the process. Her knowledge of the housing market was impressive. As a research scientist I appreciated the in-depth explanations and analysis of the market data she provided. She was always organized and efficient, especially when it came time to put together a competitive offer. Most of all we found Rosemary to be down-to-earth and a lot of fun to work with. We absolutely love our new house and it couldn’t have happened without Rosemary’s hard work.
— Meghan and Seth
I chose to sell my house in 2010 , a difficult time for the Seattle housing market. Due to Rosemary’s astute understanding of both the market, and the position my unique property fit with in it, the sale was possible and profitable. Rosemary went above and beyond the norm in helping prepare my house and myself for the sale, and attracting attention from buyers.
From the first open house through closing, and In the midst of a very depressed and panic stricken sales climate, Rosemary steered the course with a grounded serenity . I am very grateful to have had her on board and look forward to working with her again.
— Colm
I almost can’t overstate how fantastic Rosemary was as our agent. We needed to relocate to Seattle with time to move in before I had a baby. From the beginning, she was completely on the ball, finding us just the right houses to tour and polling us after each viewing to discern what we did and didn’t like about the houses so that she could find us even better listings next time. When we found the right place, she lined everything up for a quick home purchase, getting our inspection done in record time and coordinating seamlessly with our lender. When all looked like it was good to go, the sale of our existing home hit a major hurdle—threatening to derail our Seattle home purchase. That’s when Rosemary REALLY went into action, clinching our extension and doing everything she could to educate us on how to finalize our home sale so we didn’t lose out on a great house. She stayed in close contact every step of the way so we never had to worry or wonder what was happening. We closed on our house and moved in ten days before we gave birth to our son. I can honestly say I don’t think we’d be in this amazing house in our dream neighborhood right now if it weren’t for Rosemary. The Seattle market is tricky, and we were so fortunate to have someone on our side with such depth of knowledge about her field. Her expertise truly prepares her to tackle anything that comes her clients’ way.
— Jess and Joe
My husband and I moved back to Seattle after living in New York for ten years. We worked with Rosemary to find the perfect house for us, and our infant daughter. Rosemary was amazing and walked us through the whole process, from narrowing down our house search to navigating the mortgage process. She was always available to answer our questions and she really made an effort to keep us informed during the sometimes stressful process of buying a home. After we moved in, Rosemary even followed up with referrals for great contractors for projects around
our new house.
— Rachael and Jed
My experience with Rosemary, and her business partner Kristen, was none other than exceptional. Having decided to downscale my life and become an urban dweller, they guided me every step of the way.

From the sale of my house, which only took 9 days, to the purchase of my condo and it’s closing, Rosemary made sure I was comfortable with every aspect of the sale and the purchase. Rosemary continually checked in with me to make sure I was doing okay with all aspects of the transactions.

Buying and selling a home can be a very stressful process but Rosemary kept me on an even keel. She listened to my needs and made sure I was satisfied through every step. I can only say she knows her stuff and will do everything in her power to create a positive experience in the real estate process!

Thank you Rosemary!
— Michael B.
Rosemary and Kristen are a great team and helped in my first home buying experience tremendously. After ditching our first real estate agent who took us to every home on the market (quantity over quality) Rosemary and Kristen listened to our needs and respected our time. With so much on-line information these days the old ways of showing every house is way overrated. We hit all the possibilities they suggested and Rosemary was always ready when we phoned and said we found something on our own and got us in the door. Once we found the home we wanted she kicked into high gear, offer, counter offers, recommended sewer inspectors, roof inspectors, home inspectors, the works. They know the real estate business and are a breeze to work with. Having a team is also a great benefit, while we worked almost exclusively with Rosemary, Kristen was always available if Rosemary were busy to meet an inspector or follow through. Hire them, find your dream home, and get on with living.
— Darryl and Taylor
Rosemary and Kristen were so great to work with! We felt like we could actually trust them to be completely honest with us, they were always available whenever we needed something, and they were lots of fun! They are both so knowledgeable, easy-going and professional; selling our condo ended up being a fast and simple process. Highly recommended realtors!!
— Cybele and Alan